Golden Beach

Golden Beach

Exquisite things come in very, very small packages. Proof: Golden Beach, a sublimely exclusive mile-long village with fewer than 1,000 residents in 400-plus magnificent private homes.

Nestled between the Atlantic and the Intracoastal Waterway, between Sunny Isles Beach to the south and Hallandale Beach to the north, Golden Beach enjoys a world-class reputation for elegance, exclusivity, famous residents and, take note if you’re visiting, one of the most active speed traps known to mankind. If you’re visiting, here are two words to the wise: Slow Down.

Among Golden Beach’s full or part-time residents are names as diverse as Bill Gates and Ricky Martin. Eric Clapton’s album, 461 Ocean Boulevard, derived its title from the house at that address which you can see on the album cover. The late actor, Paul Newman, also maintained a home here.

As private as it is, Golden Beach is extraordinarily convenient to both Fort Lauderdale and Miami {only 15 miles from Ft. Lauderdale airport and 18 from Miami International}, so the choices for shopping, dining, pro sports and more, are practically boundless. And then, after you’ve mingled with the hoi polloi, it’s ever so nice to return to your sophisticated enclave, where there are neither high-rises nor commercial activity to disturb the splendid oasis of serenity that is Golden Beach.

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