The Design District, Midtown & Downtown

The Design District, Midtown & Downtown

Whoever said there’s nothing new under the sun has never visited Miami.

Immediately north of Brickell Avenue is downtown Miami, and just north of downtown are two extraordinary new, fast up-and-coming communities: The Design District and Midtown Miami.

For those who thrive in an urban setting, the opportunities for the good life are expanding in these three areas like never before.

In downtown, high-rise condominiums are revitalizing a once-lively area that was decimated by the suburban flight of the 1960s and early ‘70s. Today, in spite of the credit crunch and real estate bubble, restaurants are opening and seeing increasing business. Shops are staying open late and, what is that I see, pedestrians on the streets after dark! Not long ago, this would have been unthinkable; today it’s reality.

Midtown Miami, on the site of the long-neglected railroad yards, is now bursting with life. The epitome of a mixed-use development, here are offices, shopping, restaurants and residences, all within easy walking distance!

Just west and slightly north {on the other side of the tracks, actually!} of Midtown is The Design District. It would be remiss in any discussion of this unique area not to mention the visionary Craig Robins, who bought many run-down MiMo {Miami Modern} properties in this once run-down neighborhood, and populated them with famous designers, art galleries, and young urbanites cast as urban pioneers.

Today, the Bohemian spirit is alive and well, although the streets are busy, and the restaurant scene is thriving: if you don’t believe me, try to get a table at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink on a weekend night. And Pacific Time, one of my all-time favorites, has moved from Lincoln Road to the District.

Downtown, Midtown and the District. From out of the ashes, the phoenix rises!

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